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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  October 12, 2012 8:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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because the moderator allowed him more freestyle answer session. joe biden, he did his job appeared he needed to push, whether what he said was factual or not or whether it was rude or not, joe biden pushed a lot. i saw that straightaway. paul ryan needed to come back and a beard, but he could have said, mr. vice president, you're not correct. or you're interrupting my time. he tried to be polite. >> as we follow the candidates on the road to the white house, what engage with c-span. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> watched the second presidential debate on tuesday. watch and in superdelegate. tonight on c-span, next, vice president joe biden campaigns in lacrosse, wisconsin followed by presidential candidate mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan in lancaster, ohio. later, a live debate from
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california's 36 district between republican incumbent mary by matt and democratic challenger raul ruez. vice president biden and his wife campaigned today in wisconsin. it is his first campaign stop following thursday night's vice presidential campaign. this is about half an hour. >> hello, everyone. it is great to be here today. how about the content the
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debate? did joe do great last night? [cheers and applause] i am so proud of him. last night, i saw the july note, someone who truly understands what is going on in people's lives. -- i saw the joe i know, someone who truly understands what is going on in people's lives. somebody who truly stands for the middle-class and someone who showed us a clear picture of the choice in this election. and now, it is my pleasure to turn this over to someone who has been fighting hard for the kind of america that we want to live in, someone who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work to keep moving this country forward, my husband, our vice president, joe biden. [cheers and applause]
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>> hello, univ. of wisconsin. it is great to see you all. with your permission, i would like to ask the guy who can throw a hell of a pass and is a great congressman to come out here and join us. ron, are you still back there? come on out. i needed a passport from the congressman to get into town. i know this is his town. let me begin by thanking you, chancellor. i know you have all been waiting. you know the university. you do not need to wait more than 20 minutes for a full professor. she is, but i am not. thank you for waiting. i am sorry we are a little late. i also want to recognize one of the finest guys i have ever served with in all my years in the united states senate and one of the people who, when you say his name in washington, when you
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say his name here i'm sure, when you say the name her call, you say integrity -- the name herb cole, you say integrity. [applause] your presence will be missed, particularly by me. we served together for a long time on the same committees. whenever i was not quite sure of what i was doing, i would pull him aside or go see him -- no, seriously, this man has a lot of wisdom. i will miss you, herb. [applause] my name is joe biden. i am deal by in -- i am jill biden's has been geared that is how i am known in washington -- husband. biden's
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that is how i am known in washington. last night, we had a little bit of a debate with a gentleman. and he is a gentleman. the demand from wisconsin, congressman ryan -- [booing] i hardly agree with anything he says, but i think he is a decent guy and he has a great family and he is a great husband and father. for that, i have great respect for him. [applause] but you know, anybody who watched the debate, i don't think there's any doubt that congressman ryan and i, governor romney and the president, we have a fundamentally different vision for america and quite frankly a fundamentally different value said. the fact is that the -- value set. the fact is that the differences
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are profound. they are as profound in any differences in any presidential campaign that i have been involved in. if people were listening, they know what some of those differences are and they know how those differences can fundamentally affect the direction of this country. one of those areas was an area of afghanistan. i made it absolutely clear on behalf of the president and i that we are leaving afghanistan in 2014. period. [applause] we have trained over 315,000 afghan military personnel. it is their responsibility to step up to their defense of their nation. [applause] we went for al qaeda. we went for some of the late in. we accomplished that goal. and now if it -- we went for osama bin laden. we accomplished that goal.
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and now it is time. congressman ryan made very clear that governor romney has a very different view. although he says that he thinks we should get out in 2014, although he says that that makes sense, he says we should never have announced that and i might add, had not, the afghans would never step up, which should never have announced that and, when asked to guarantee you will get out, he says it depends. no, i'm serious. you heard it. it depends on the situation on the ground. it depends. well it depends on nothing other than the date as far as we're concerned. it is time for the afghans to take care of their own responsibilities. [applause] but like almost everything, it depends. it depends on which day you asking the question. [laughter] it depends. it depends on the circumstances. but it was not just on foreign
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policy, it depends. it was also on their attitude of what constitutes a fair tax code, what is a reasonable budget, whether or not you will be cutting the budget. congressman ryan says that, even though he passed the ryan budget through the house of representatives, which did not become law, he drastically cut across the board 19%, in eviscerating education and so many other things. he said, no, no, that is not a cut. he said it is a smaller increase. i want to tell that all to your parents when they don't take a $2,500 tax credit next year if they win could tell that to the two hundred thousand kids who will be kicked off of early education. on taxes and make you go back and look, paul ryan is saying his budget really is not a budget cut. that is like governor romney standing in an unemployment line and say, i did not outsource
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your job, i offshore it. that is the distinction they make. [applause] when i point out that governor romney, who is a great businessman, did the bain way, the lowest wages, the cheapest community that you can find, and then move there, offshore, outsourced jobs, they came back and said, no, no, that is not what he is doing. when i pointed out that the governor even, as governor of massachusetts, sent a call service that people in massachusetts could pick up the phone and see whether or not they were entitled to unemployment benefits, they got someone in asia. the outsourced that. no, serious. imagine the feeling of the guy calling and saying how about my and employment check knowing he could have that very job that the person he is calling has.
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but it has been outsourced. and i said that, they said, no, biden does not understand. that is not outsourcing. that is off shoring. that is more than misleading. on taxes, you heard last night, we raised taxes 99 million times or whatever it was on a class people and small businesses. even governor romney has a admitted that we have not raised taxes. we cut taxes for the middle class by $3,600. the middle class is gone a $3,600 tax cut the last three years. and now we want to make sure that we make the tax cuts for the middle class, which is due to expire in january, that we make that permanent. make that permanent. but you know what their answer
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is. they say no they say, no. this is literally true. they say, we will not make the tax cut for the middle class permanent unless you agree, obama and biden, to extend the tax cut for the very wealthy. we will not let the middle class have it unless the wealthy continue the tax cuts could limit this in perspective. that tax cut costs for just the wealthy is $1 trillion of the next 10 years. $800 billion of it goes to people with a minimum income of $1 million. and this is a fact. that check it, as they say. $500 billion goes to 120,000 families making an average of $8 million a year. while the eviscerate education, while they refuse to allow tax
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cuts to go forward for the middle-class. ladies and gentlemen, only a man who answers the question on a good 60 minutes" as governor romney did two weeks ago, when asked by the moderator, he asked the question coming he said, do you think is fair, governor, that you pay only 14% of your $20 million in income when someone making $50,000 a year pays at a higher rate? the governor said yes. that is fair. if you have that point of view -- no, series -- if you have a point of view, you understand why they are so desperate to hold on to a tax cut that the wealthy are not asking for. they are as patriotic as poor folks. but they know that they don't need it and they knew it is time for them to chip in. that is all you need to know. as to why the governor wants to
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make sure that the tax cuts for your parents -- unless you continue to fund a $500 billion tax-cut for 120,000 families. and the other thing that we learned is that governor romney no longer is for that tax cut that he has been talking about for the year and half, the $5 trillion tax cut. it is amazing. it evaporated. i do know where it went. he said the tax-cut he is calling for will be fully paid for. it would be fully paid for by doing away with exemptions for the very wealthy people. the one exemption, the one loophole that people usually call them, it is made clear that you cannot get rid of is the one that allows him to pay at 14%. seriously. and when asked what other loopholes will you cut -- and you heard it asked last night of
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congressman ryan -- he could not name one, not one. that is why, folks, the bipartisan group called the tax policy center made up of former bush and former clinton economic experts, that is why they said that the romney-ryan tax plan would in fact raise taxes on middle-class families with a child an average of $2,000 a year. $2,000 a year. and by the way, every model looked at it from the so-called -- the american enterprise institute -- they say the same thing. taxes will have to be raised on the middle-class if they succeed with the tax cut. folks, it is time to lift the burning off the middle class, and a double down on the great recession -- lift the burden off the middle class, not double down on the great recession that
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hit them. [applause] as a consequence of the great recession, middle-class families lost $16 trillion in wolf appeared mostly in equity in their homes. they saw them evaporate and their pension plans. it is time for everyone to chip been come including the wealthy. as i said last night, we should not be surprised at their continued opposition to everyone chipping in. these other folks to talk about 47% of the american people being unwilling to take [take [booing] and by the way, the congressman from -- being unwilling to take responsibility. [booing] and by the way, the congressmen said they are takers. these people are like my mom and
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dad, the neighborhoods that i grew up in 0.82% of them pay their payroll taxes and other taxes and an effective rate higher than romney pays his taxes. over 10% of them are senior citizens on social security. the rest are military vets and military personnel fighting right now. that is the 47% that this nation depends on to build this country. it is about time governor romney takes some responsibility. [applause] take some responsibility to help the american people, the middle class, instead of lining up to sign a pledge to a guy named grover norquist, sign a pledge -- [booing] no, i tell you, it would be funny if it were not so serious. i think the vast majority of the republicans in the house have
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signed a pledge that we will not raise taxes $1 on the wealthy. not one. and ladies and gentlemen, it is time romney and ryan and the republican congress to take a pledge to the middle class people saying we will level the playing field. we will get you back in the game. we will give you a fair shot again. [cheers and applause] it is time they acknowledged what got us into this trouble in the first place. they talk about this great recession as if it dropped out of the sky. where did it come from? or as my granddaughter would say, did casper the ghost do it, pop? where did it come from? it came from their policies of shredding reasonable regulations on wall street, allowing banks to write their own rules, continuing trillion dollar tax cuts for the very wealthy. that is what got us here. and, ladies and gentlemen, take responsibility. if anybody had a doubt about
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what is at stake in the selection, when it comes to women's rights, and the supreme court, i am sure it was said last night. congressman ryan made very clear that he and governor romney are prepared to impose their private views on everyone else. it was made clear last night that they don't believe in protecting a woman's access to health care. it was made very clear that they do not believe a woman has a right to control her own body. that is between she and her doctor. and now they say they're willing to make an exception in the case of rape and incest. ladies and gentlemen, congressman ryan was the leader in the house who even blocked those exceptions. so folks, now these guys pledge that they will defund planned parenthood, which under law, cannot perform any abortions. you heard last night again. and after last night to make you have any doubt about the caliber
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and the philosophy of the justices they would appoint to the supreme court, i imagine they are pretty well past. ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine the next president is surely to have one no. two supreme court appointees. roe v. wade is hanging. do you think they are possibly going to appoint two justices to the court who will not join scalia and others to overrule roe v wade? ladies and gentlemen, the single most consequential decision the president makes other than going to war is the appointment of the supreme court because those appointments live on long after any president is gone. ladies and gentlemen, congressman ryan, he voted against the lily ledbetter at. it sounded to do is, but ollie does is gives a will may cause of action when she finds out that -- but all it does is gives
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a woman a cause of action when she finds out that she has been cheated in her employment. ladies and gentlemen, we're all pushing hard for a fair pact. i happen to think my daughters to get paid exactly what any man is being paid for the job she's doing. [cheers and applause] we proposed equal pay legislation. they are against it. they want to turn back to the insurance companies the decision on whether a woman continues to have to pay 50% more for the same health care. where once again pregnancy will be able to be a preexisting condition. ladies and gentlemen, they are holding hostage one of the proudest accomplishments of my career, the violence against women act. they're still debating whether or not we need the violence
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against women act after 20 years. folks, if i leave you with no other message today, i want you to remember this today. barack obama and joe biden are absolutely, positively firmly committed to ensuring that our daughters and my granddaughter's have the exact same rights and opportunities to control their lives as my sons and my grandson's. [cheers and applause] the exact same right! make no mistake about that! these guys have a social policy out of the 1950's. folks, the american people have been through an awful lot the last four years as a consequence of this great recession. but like always, the american people did not give up.
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they got up in the american people did not lose faith. they bought back. folks, there is no quit in america. there is no quit in america. there never has been. and i have never seen two candidates in the highest office in the land were more negative about this country and its prospects than the people who we are running against. all you hear from them is talk about a culture of dependency, america in decline. you know, i don't and -- i don't recognize the country they talk about. i don't. not from where i come from, not where you come from. i don't see americans who think they are dependent. i see americans were looking for nothing more than a shot did they are now looking for a handout. they're just looking for a shot, a level playing field. how can these guys have such a profound misunderstanding of the
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people of this country? [applause] the american people are so much better, so much stronger, so much more responsible than these guys give them credit for. and i have news for governor romney and congressman ryan america is the the dependent nor is it in decline. [applause] and if they get out of the way with these policies out of the 1950's, we would be bracing that. ladies and gentlemen, it is never -- my distinct message to congressman ryan tonight and to governor ryan, it is never, never, never been a good bet to bet against the american people. you always lose when you bet against the american people. [cheers and applause] folks, we need you. we need you to have as much
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faith as we have in the american people. we need you to stand up. we need your support. we need you to help us win wisconsin. because when we win wisconsin, we win this election. god bless you and may god protect our troops. thank you all so much. [cheers and applause] thank you. [applause]
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♪ >> republican candidate mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan stopped at rally in lancaster, ohio for their first post debate appearance together and campaigned for about 40 minutes.
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>> fairfield, are you ready to win? we have to win, don't we folks. it's too important to our families to our community, to our country, we cannot afford another four years of barack obama. now, we all want to win and we have to win. but let me ask you something today. are you planning to do everything you possibly can in the next 25 days to ensure a victory here in the key state of ohio? are you willing to make phone calls for mitt? are you willing to go door to door for mitt? are you willing to put one of these signs in your yard for mitt? i need you to early vote, folks. go to your board of elections on monday morning.
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walk in. you can vote and vote now. that ensures that you will have plenty of time to get other people to vote will. you do that? i think when you talk to people your friends and your neighbors, folks you go to work with, folks you go to church with, you'll find that they're paying attention. one reason is we've had two great debates in the last 10 days. you agree with me on that? [cheers and applause] wow. the american people are seing what this comeback team is all about. last night we had a terrific performance by paul ryan. [cheers and applause] folks, on the stage last night who was the leader there? it was paul ryan. [cheers and applause] joe biden said a lot of interesting things. [laughter] one was at a time of increasing danger all around the world, he
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said we ought to be cutting our military. audience: boo! specifically he said we don't need anymore m. one -- m-1 tanks. guess where those tanks were made? right here in ohio. we need more tanks. they will insure that we have a military second to none. we need m-1 tanks. [cheers and applause] say it ain't so, joe. now, we also saw on the stage last night, a guy who understands how to get america back on track. just as mitt romney did last week, he explained why it was so important for us to have a change in direction. and he laid out a specific agenda to move america forward. the comeback team is here, folks and we need them. and we need them now. please help me welcome the next vice president of the united states paul ryan.
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>> wow. wow. thank you, buddy. man. way up there, how you doing? [cheers and applause] look at that. wow. o. h. god, i love that. it's so much fun. i saw a nice miami sweat shirt. i spent for great years of miami of ohio. it is so great to see that. and i have my lucky buckeye with me. he had this buckeye in his pocket throughout his entire campaign in 2010 of he said it brought him great luck and it brought him a victory in ohio. and you're going to help us because this buckeye is going to bring us a victory in ohio, isn't it? [cheers and applause] lancaster, few for having us.
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you have a huge choice to make. we have a big choice to make. you know, i think we saw a sign of it last night just like we saw it a week ago. you see, they are offer nothing new ideas. the president is simply saying more of the same. hope and change has become attack and blame. when he was running for president four years ago, barack obama gave a huge speech. in this big great speech, he said, if you don't have fresh ideas then use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as somebody people should run from. you make a big election about
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small things. ladies and gentlemen, that's what barack obama said of his opponent four years ago when he ran for president and that is exactly what barack obama has become now as president. [cheers and applause] you know, we had a little chat about libya and benghazi. we mourn the loss of these four brave americans. but talking about blaming -- first, they blame a youtube video in a nonexistent riot. then when the country's getting upset about it, they blame romney and ryan for getting people upset about it. they keep changing their story. this is not what leadership needs. we need accountability and no more excuses. this tragedy would be troubling
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in and of itself and tragedy in and of itself unfortunately what you're witnessing when we turn on our tv is the unraveling of the obama foreign policy. and when you say it's ok to impose these devastating cuts in our military or that we don't need anymore m-1 tanks, what we are doing is we're projecting weakness and when we project weakness our enemies become more brazen. our enemies are more likely to test us. and our allies are unwilling to trust us. the economy is not growing here at home. and that's the problem we have to if cuss on. you see the economy is growing slower than last year and last year it grew slower than the year before. all president obama's offering is more of the same. so we have a very big choice to
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make. and that choice is clear. do we want more stagnation that fosters dependency or do we want a dynamic growing economy that creates opportunity and creates jobs? [cheers and applause] in a nutshell, we need leadership. and look at the guy over my shoulder right here. [cheers and applause] if you look at this man's life story, one word comes to mind, leader. this is a man who turned around the olympics, who turned around struggling businesses and by the way, being successful in business, that's a good thing. there's nothing wrong with that. we want more people to be successful. we want more people to have prosperity, to have jobs, to
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have higher take home pay. we want people to grow. at a time when america has a jobs crisis, wouldn't it be nice to have a job creator in the white house? and this is a man who has proven to get things done. when he was governor of massachusetts, he cut taxes 19 times. he balanced a budget without raising taxes. household income went up. this is a man who knows how to turn things around. don't you think it's time for america to have a turnaround? [cheers and applause] we will not duck these tough issues facing our country because if we don't tackle america's problems, they will tackle us. we will not spend the next four years blaming other people. we will take responsibility and get the jobs done. -- get the job done.
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and we will not try to transform this country into something it was never intended to be. we will reapply our founding principles and make america what it was meant to be. that land of opportunity, that land of freedom and liberty. [cheers and applause] the moment is coming. it's less than a month away. we have a real leader, a perfect person where the man and the moment are meeting perfectly well. that means right here, right here in ohio, you have the ability and the responsibility and the opportunity to save this country, to get it right on the right track and you're going to do that by electing this man, mitt romney, the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you, lancaster! thank you! thank you! what a welcome! thank you! thank you to congressman steve seibers for being here. it's great to have rock portman here and thank you for this great vice president. he's going to be terrific, isn't he? [cheers and applause] now, it's good to be back. and you may say, i don't remember seeing you here before, but i was here a long time ago. as a matter of fact, my very first assignment at my first job was to come to lancaster. i'm serious. and to try and do a little work at a little company called anchor hawking. anyone? [cheers and applause] and so for about -- i think it's about six months we used to fly to columbus and then
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drive an hour and a half or so here. i learned something about standing in those -- next to those big glass furnaces. learned about triple gun machines and saw an extraordinary community come together to build a great enterprise. and it's great to be back. this is our comeback team here. and this is our comeback team here in ohio. and we're going to bring back america. [cheers and applause] i've had to -- i've had the fun to go back and forth across ohio. and this week i was also in florida and in iowa. i was in north carolina. there's a growing crescendo of enthusiasm. people realize this is not an ordinary campaign. this is a critical time for the country. there's more energy and passion. people are getting behind this campaign. we're bringing back this country. we're going to get strong again. and part of that, i think --
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part of that came from last night. gosh, we got to watch this guy debate. and there was one person on the stage with thoughtfulness who was respectful, who was steady and poised. there's one person on that stage you'd want to be with if there was a crisis. it is this man right here. [cheers and applause] and when the -- and when the moderator asked how do you get the economy going, one person on the stage just attacked. but this guy stood up -- well, he was sitting down, i guess. metaphorically he stood up and he said all the things he would do to get this economy going with more jobs for the middle-class about more take-home pay and we're going to put this economy going by
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putting in place that plan. [cheers and applause] i also had a debate -- [cheers and applause] i enjoyed that experience. we got a chance to talk about some differences between us of i got to ask some presidents some questions a lot of people wanted to ask him like why with 23 million people out of work, struggling to find work, why instead of focusing getting jobs he focused on obamacare? i got to ask, how come gasoline is more expensive? why it was that he cut in half the number of permits of drilling in federal land and in federal waters? i got to ask why it was when he called the massive deficit we have un-american. i understand. the deficit spending has been outrageous under republicans and democrats. but why when thaws with the case why did he spend $90
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billion sending money to green companies, contributors of his. we heard what he had to say or not say. i think we boil it down to this. more recently he said, look, you can't change washington from the inside. you have to change washington from the outside. we'll, we're going to give him that chance on november 6. [cheers and applause] now, there were a couple of place where is we agreed. we agreed, for instance, that we would take this country in very different directions. and he points out -- well, actually it was the vice president that blurted out the truth that they're planning on raising the taxes with $2 trillion. actually it's more like $3 trillion. there's no secret that the spending and the interest that they amassed by virtue of their spending and it's going to cause them to raise taxes on
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the middle-class. i make this commitment to you, under no circumstances will i raise taxes on the middle-class of america. [cheers and applause] under his path we're going to have obama care installed. let me tell you what that means. that means the bureaucrats will tell you what kind of treatments you're to have. it also means that your premiums will be $2,500 more expensive. he tells you all these free things your getting with obamacare. but those free things come with a $2,500 extra charge. what i'm going to do is repeal obamacare and replace it for something that actually works for the american people. [cheers and applause] and i hope you'll listen carefully also in my debate and in paul ryan's debate because the president he's pointing out, in fact, they're cutting $716 billion from medicare from
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current medicare beneficiaries. under our team, we're putting that money back. we're going to honor the promises made to our seniors. [cheers and applause] and one more thing that senator portman mentioned. he has in his budget cutting our military by hundreds of billions -- the president has that, not senator port map. and then in addition there was that sequestor idea to cut about $7 million. the secretary of defense has said that those cuts would be devastating to america, to our military, to our national security. i will not make those cuts. i will not cut our military. i'll keep it second to none in the world. [cheers and applause] and when -- when it came to jobs both last night with vice president biden and my debate with president obama, they didn't have a plan for creating
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jobs for middle income americans. they say they care about middle income americans. i believe they do. they just don't know what to do. they say they're going to have another stimulus. how did the last one work out? and then they plan on hiring more government workers. there's nothing wrong with getting more government workers but that's not going to get the economy going. they have more investments. a friend of mine said they just pick losers. and then of course, they want to raise taxes. i don't think anyone believes racing taxes creates more jobs. they just don't understand what it takes to get this economy going and we have a plan. five key elements. and paul spoke about them last night. let me mention, number one, we're taking full advantage of our oil, our nuclear, out renewables. we're going to take advantage of our energy. that will protect and grow
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energy jobs and also manufacturing. there are a lot of manufacturing jobs including in the glass industry. they use a lot of energy. and when energy's less expensive jobs come back here. we keep under, president obama we've lost 600,000 manufacturing jobs. we want to bring jobs back home to america. that's number one. we will open up more markets for our goods. but if people cheat like china has cheated, we will stop it. number 3, when training programs that help our people have the skills they need to succeed and i want our school to be giving our kids the kind of education they need for the jobs of tomorrow. that means we have to put our kids first and parents first and teachers first. [cheers and applause] number 4, you will not get business people to risk their life savings to start a small business or big companies to
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come to america, built a big factory, hire americans if they think we are on the road to greece. if we keep spending more than we taken, that is where we're heading. we will cap federal spending and get us back on track to a balanced budget. [cheers and applause] number 5, number 5 is this -- we are going to champion small business. we're going to help small business people build their businesses. to do that, we will keep their taxes down and get regulations to encourage growth and take that big cloud of obama care of small business. we're going to help small business in america. [cheers and applause] we do those five things and 12 million jobs grow in america and take home pay starts going up again. do you realize under president obama every year, not just his
9:02 pm
first year, every year the median income in america keeps going down, down, down. the middle class in america is getting crushed, squeeze, because the income is down. at the same time, gasoline prices are up, food prices are up, health insurance premiums are up. it is tough being middle-class even if you have a job in america. we're going to work to create more jobs and more take-home pay. that is our passion. that is why we are in this race. we need a strong america so we can provide for our families and the future of this great country. [cheers and applause] and i want you to know, i am confident that we are going to overcome the challenges we have. i have seen the heart of the american people through my life. i know something about the character of those who have great qualities of the human spirit in their heart. we stood up, regardless of the
9:03 pm
challenges america has faced, we have been there and overcome them. i am reminded of a couple of experiences. one was at the republican convention a few months ago. i met jane horton there. her husband, a sharpshooter in afghanistan. she is packing a birthday box for him in afghanistan and a knock came on the door to inform her that he had been killed in afghanistan. instead of becoming despondent and depressed, she has decided to devote herself to families of those who have lost others in conflict. on the day of her husband's funeral, some of those misguided souls came there to protest the funeral. she was asked, what do you think of these people? she said this, "chris died for them to be able to protest." isn't that an amazing american spirit, amazing woman? [applause]
9:04 pm
i love our men and women in uniform. they have sacrifice some much for this country. i love this hymn. o beautiful, for heroes proved in liberating strife, who more than self their country loved it, and immersing more than life. that will are veterans of the armed services please raise your hand so we can recognize you? thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. let me mention another experience i had. that was some years ago. i was working with the boy scouts of america at the time, and it was at a court of honor. for those who don't know what that is, that is where the boys got to get their eagle words or
9:05 pm
-- eagle awards and other rewards. alcoa was set up in the gymnasium. i was seated at the table and there was a fly ball with the flag next to me. the person who was speaking with the boy scout scoutmaster from monument, colorado. he said his boy scout troop wanted to have a very special american flag. they bought one. they have one above the state capitol and had it flown above the national capital in washington, d.c. when it came home, they said let's have it go up on the space shuttle. if they contacted nasa and ask them to dig the flag of the space shuttle. i am sure they told them that space is a premium. not a lot of room for souvenirs on the space shuttle, but they took the flag. he said, you cannot imagine how proud our boys were from their school rooms to watch the shuttle go up into the sky on tv, and then they saw it explode in front of their rise. -- eyes. the scoutmaster called nasa a couple weeks later. the said did you find a remnant of our flag?
9:06 pm
they said, no. he said he called every week, several months, called and called, nothing. then in september, he said he was reading a newspaper some of the debris found from the challenger disaster, and they mentioned something about a flag. he called and said, did you find our flag? they said, as a matter of fact -- they got together. nasa came together with the boy scout troop and presented the boys with this plastic box. they opened it, and there was their flag in perfect condition. and then he said this. he said, have that on the flagpole next to mr. romney on the table. i got the flag and it was like electricity ran through my arm. for me, that flag represented the men and women who put themselves in harm's way, in our space program, in our military. those who reach for learning,
9:07 pm
who live for something bigger than himself, who look for discovery, to put themselves out there. it reminds me of the people when they graduate from college or high school who say, i am going to put aside my career for a while and go into the military, serve our country. it reminds me of the dads who were working two jobs so they can make enough money so their kids have the kind of clothing the other kids are wearing at school. it reminds me of those single moms who are wondering how they can put food on the table and script and save to do so. the couples who say we're not exchanging christmas gifts among ourselves because we want our kids to have christmas. this is america. this is who we are. we are people who live for big things. the care about the future, for our kids, for our nation. for liberty. this is a critical time for america. it is a time we have to decide what we're going to be.
9:08 pm
president obama wants a bigger and bigger government, more and more encompassing, more interested in our lives. that is not what makes america america. it is freedom that drives america. it is free people. [cheers and applause] we stand on the shoulders of the greatest generation. my mom and dad, your moms and dads, they fault, protected us, -- they fought, protected us, gave as a nation that is free and prosperous, the most prosperous nation in the world. they held a torch for the whole world to see, a torch of liberty and hope and opportunity. there are not as many of them as there were. they cannot hold the torch as high as they used to. it is our turn. we have to grab that torch. it is our honor to be able to do so. [cheers and applause] when paul ryan and i become president and vice president, and i mean when we become
9:09 pm
president and vice president -- [cheers and applause] we will do everything in our power to keep america strong, to restore the values that make our homes the center of society, to keep america strong and have a military so strong no one would ever think of testing it. that is the america we see. we make that commitment to you. we need your help! we need to win ohio! get your friends to help us win ohio! we win ohio, would keep america out the hope of the earth! thank you very much, you guys. lancaster, thank you very much! thank you! [cheers and applause] ♪
9:10 pm
[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> ♪ i was born free i was born free born free ♪ [playing "born free" by kid rock]
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♪ ♪ calm, facing danger
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lost like an unknown stranger ♪ destinationy tired, frail and aching waiting patiently for the sun ♪ set caller: was born free ♪
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♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you. [cheers and applause]
9:17 pm
>> before president obama and mitt romney base questions from undecided voters at this year's town hall debates, you can watch the debates from the c-span archives. you can watch the 2000 debate between al gore and george bush at washington university in st. louis. you can watch that at a 30 5:00 p.m. eastern -- 8:35 p.m. eastern. archive town hall debates
9:18 pm
beginning saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. defense secretary leon panetta talked about the role of the defense department in protecting the nation's critical infrastructure from cyber security threats. he spoke from new york city. he urged congress to pass the cyber security bill that was brought in august from the senate. this is about 40 minutes. >> frank -- five words -- you deserve to be here. ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure and high honor to introduce one of the most talented, reverse the talk, and experienced leaders in american government. he served our country by meeting
9:19 pm
the extraordinary challenges of our time. leon panetta things back on his days as a first lieutenant in the u.s. army intelligence. he received a medal. as a member of congress, he chaired the house legislature committee before moving on to the director of a budget. from there president clinton tapped him to become the white house chief of staff. as director of central intelligence, leon panetta made many critical decisions. he made a very public contribution to the united states of america and to our very own new york city. he oversaw this daring mission that ended the life of one osama bin laden. [applause] thank you, mr. secretary. the persistence, courage, and
9:20 pm
tenacity required to accomplish this reminds me of a quote -- " let every nation know that which is as ill will pay any price, bear any burden, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of our liberties." or a secretary panetta would say, "no one attacks the united states and get away with that." [applause] so, since july 2011, leon panetta has served as our nation of's secretary of defense. ladies and gentlemen, you can see that secretary panetta has dedicated much of his life to public service. he has spent 10 years, directing with his wife for the institute
9:21 pm
of public policy at the california university. the instill the virtues and values of public service. [applause] one day when he returns to -- monterey -- secretaire panetta, please join me on the podium. [applause] >> leon panetta can be honored
9:22 pm
for any number of leadership positions he has held and for a lifetime of services rendered to our country. in his service in congress, he has strength in america with this focus on budget, education, and the environment. and the white house, he served as director of the office of management meant but-management budget. he helped make america stronger. at the central intelligence agency, he had notable results disrupting and defeating terror networks. as the secretary of defense, he has struck a balance as a forceful advocate for efficiencies while also standing resolute in favor of an adequately funded military. i am pleased to bestow upon him that 2011 award for upstanding american and contributions to the country.
9:23 pm
secretary panetta. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you so much for this wonderful evening and the chance to enjoy some terrific company and be able to express my deepest gratitude to this organization for all of the great things that it does on behalf of those that serve in our military. my greatest thanks for your kind
9:24 pm
remarks and leadership. award not so muchar for myself, but on behalf of the men and women in uniform who are putting their lives on the line every night, every day, in order to protect this country. [applause] i want to congratulate the troops from the 82nd. they are the very best. i also want to congratulate frank for receiving this award and a great service that he does in helping to find jobs for those who are returning so that they can be part of their community after serving this couny to protect their community. perhaps most importantly, he is
9:25 pm
italian. it is nice to have another italian honored this evening. [laughter] [applause] i also want to thank a great friend. a tremendous master of ceremonies this evening. the reason i asked her to serve on the board is because she is bright, capable, and dedicated. she is a straight talker. she knows what she is talking about. she is dedicated to this country. in a room of a lot of ugly and old guys, she is not bad to look at. [laughter] general, thank you for your leadership as well and for your distinguished service to this country. i am honored to be with you this evening.
9:26 pm
we gather in the middle of a very important national contest. it is one that will continue to play out over the coming weeks in unpredictable ways before a final decision is reached. in fact, the key players -- i want to be clear about where my loyalties lie in this contest. i have always been and will be for the new york yankees. [cheers and applause] i think the score is 1-1. in all seriousness, i really do appreciate opportunity to come back to this great city. new york is a special place to me.
9:27 pm
i am the son of italian immigrants. both my parents came through york -- new york. that made this a special place for me. i also have the opportunity to be here and worked as an executive assistant to the mayor of new york city. i also have the opportunity to work closely with the delegation in congress in washington. i lived with other members of congress in washington. you cannot live with them and not develop an appreciation for new york city. i also served on the board of the new york stock exchange for six years. i was on the board when 9/11 took place. i want you to know how much at
9:28 pm
that time i appreciated the great courage of the people of new york's in the face of that attack. i remembered that courage when i had a chance to lead the operation in going after bin laden. we sent a clear message to the world and to terrorists. don't ever attack this country. you will not get away with that. [applause] i have long appreciated from my own experience new york's role at the center of gravity for our nation at's economy. this is where it is act. for that reason, it is an honor to be able to speak before this
9:29 pm
kind of distinguished audience of business leaders and innovators. you understand what a strong, national defense is all about. you understand that a strong defense and strong economy go hand in hand. tonight i like to discuss with you an issue that i think is at the very center of business and national security. the threats facing the united states in cyberspace and the role that the defense department must play in defending this country from those kind of threats. we are on an aircraft carrier. they miss and great aircraft carrier. -- this great aircraft carrier.
9:30 pm
this ship and the technology that is on display at this museum attest to one of the central achievement of the united states in late 20th- century. our ability to project power and strength across the land, across the high seas, across the skies, and across our space. we have secured those domains. securing them to help ensure that they were used to advance peace and prosperity. there were not used to it is with that same goal in mind today. we have to addressing a domain that we must secure to have
9:31 pm
peace and prosperity in the world of tomorrow. cyberspace has transformed our way of life, providing two billion people across the world with instant access to information coming to communication, to economic opportunities. cyberspace is the new frontier. full possibilities to a dance security and prosperity in the 21st century. and yet these possibilities also come with new perils and new dangers. the internet is open. it is highly accessible, as it should be. but that also presents a new
9:32 pm
terrain for warfare. it is the battlefield of the future, where adversaries can seek to do harm to our country. to our economy. and to our citizens. i know that c'mon people think of cyber security today, they worry about hackers and criminals who prowl the internet, steal people's identities, steal sensitive business information. steel even national security secrets. those threats are real. and they exist today. but even greater danger, the greater danger facing us in cyberspace goes beyond time and it goes beyond harassment.
9:33 pm
the cyber attacks perpetrated by nation states or violent extremist groups could be as destructive as a terrorist attack on 911. such a destructive cyber terrorist attack could virtually paralyzed the nation let me give you some examples of the kinds of attacks that we have already experienced. in recent weeks, as many of you know, some large u.s. financial institutions were hit by so- called disputed denial of service. these attacks delayed or disrupted services on customer websites while this kind of tactic is not new, the scale and
9:34 pm
speed with which it happened is unprecedented. but even more alarming is an attack that happened two months ago when a very sophisticated virus called shamun infected computers. it included a routine called a wiper, coded to self execute. this routine replaced crucial system files with the image of a burning u.s. flag. but it also put additional garbage data that overrode all of the real data on the machine.
9:35 pm
more than 30,000 computers that infected were rendered useless and had to be replaced. it virtually destroyed 30,000 computers. there was a similar tax on ross qatar.qztzr, --o of all told, it is the most destructive attack that we have seen to date. the major impact that attack would have on your company or your business. these attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyber threat and they have renewed concerns about still more destructive
9:36 pm
scenarios that could unfold we know that foreign cyber actors are probing america's critical structure networks. they are targeting the conduct future control -- the computer control systems that control electricity and water plants and those that died transportation throughout this country. we know of specific instance these -- instances where interests have successfully gained access to these control systems. we also know that they're seeking to create advanced tools to attack these systems and caused panic and destruction and even the loss of life.
9:37 pm
let me explain how this could unfold. an aggressor nation or extremist group could use these kinds of cyber tools to gain control of critical switches. they could, for example, the rail passenger trains or even, more dangerous, derail trains with loaded dangerous chemicals. they could invade the water supply in major cities or shut down the power grid in large parts of the country. the most destructive some areas involve cyber actors launching several attacks on our critical infrastructure at one time in combination with a physical attack on our country. attackers also seek to disable or degrade critical military
9:38 pm
systems and communication networks. the collector results of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. but an attack that would cause physical destruction and the loss of life. an attack that would paralyze and shocked the nation. and create a new profound sense of boehner ability. as director of the cia and now as secretary of defense, i have understood that cyber attacks are every bit as real as the more well-known threats like terrorism, nuclear weapons proliferation and the turmoil which see in the middle east. and the cyber threats facing this country are growing.
9:39 pm
with a dramatic increase, advances. this is an area of dramatic developments in cyber technology. with that happening, potential aggressors are exploiting the vulnerabilities and -- a vulnerability is in our security. but the good news is this. we are aware of this potential. our eyes are wide open to these kinds of threats. and we are a nation that, thank god, is on the cutting edge of this new technology. we're the best and we have to stay there. the department of defense, in large part to the capabilities of the national security agency, an essay, has developed the world's most sophisticated system to detect cyber
9:40 pm
intruders and attackers. we are acting aggressively to get ahead of this problem, putting in place measures to stop cyber attacks did in their tracks. we are doing this as part of a broad whole of government effort to confront cyber threats. the department of homeland security as the lead for domestic sever security. the fbi also has a key part to play in investigating and preventing cyber attacks. and our intelligence agencies, of course, are focused on this potential threat as well. the state department is trying to forge international consensus on the roles and spots -- roles and responsibilities of nations to help secure cyberspace. the department of defense also has a rule.
9:41 pm
it is a supporting role, but he is an essential role. bentonite, i want to explain what that means. but first, let me make clear what it does not mean. it does not mean that the department of defense will monitor citizens' personal computers. we're not interested in personal communication or in e-mails or in providing the day-to-day security of private and commercial networks. that is not our goal. that is not our job. that is not our mission. our mission is to defend the nation. we defend, we deter, and, if called upon, we take decisive action to protect our citizens. in the past, we have done so in
9:42 pm
operations on land, at sea, in the skies and in space. in this century, the united states military must help the nation in cyberspace as well. if a foreign adversary attacked u.s. soil, the american people have every right to expect their national defense forces to respond. if a crippling cyber attacks were launched against a nation, the american people must be protected. and if the commander-in-chief orders in response, the defense department must be ready to obey that order and to act. to ensure that we fulfill our world to defend the nation in cyberspace, the department is focusing on three main tracks.
9:43 pm
one, developing new capabilities. two, putting in place the policies and organizations we need to execute our mission. and 3, building much more effective cooperation with industry and with our international partners. let me briefly talk about each of these. first, developing new capabilities. dod is investing more than $3 billion annually in cyber security. because we have to retain that cutting edge capability in the field. following a new defense strategy, the department is continuing to increase key investments in cyber security, even in an era of this -- of fiscal restraint. our most important investment is in still cyber warriors. needed to conduct operations in cyberspace, just as dod
9:44 pm
developed the finest counter- terrorism force over the past decade, we need to build and maintain the finest cyber force in operation. we are recruiting. we are training. we are retaining the best and brightest in order to stay ahead of other nations. it is no secret that russia and china have advanced cyber capabilities. iran has also undertaken a concerted effort to use cyberspace to its advantage. moreover, dod is already in an intense daily struggle against thousands of cyber actors who probed the defense department's networks millions of times a day. throughout the innovative efforts of our cyber operators,
9:45 pm
we have been trying to enhance the department's cyber defense program. these systems rely on sensors. they rely on software to hunt down the malicious code before it harms our systems. we actively share our own experience with those running the nation's critical private- sector networks. in addition to defending the department's networks, which also helped deter attacks. our cyber average tariffs -- cyber adversaries will be less likely to be deterred if we fail against their strong defenses. the department has made significant advances in solving a problem that makes the tearing cyber adversaries more complex. the difficulty of identifying the origins of that attack.
9:46 pm
over the last two years, dot has made significant investments in for -- dod has made significant investments in this. we have seen return on that investment. potential aggressors should be aware that the united states has the capacity to locate them and to hold them accountable for their actions that may try to harm america. but we won't succeed in preventing a cyber attacks through improved defenses alone. if we detect an imminent threat of attack that will cause significant physical destruction in the united states or kill american citizens, we need to have the option to take action against those who would attack us, to defend this nation when directed
9:47 pm
by the president. for these kinds of scenarios, the department has developed the capability to conduct effective operations to counter threats to our national interest in cyberspace. let me be clear that we will only do so to defend our nation this month to defend our interests. to defend our allies -- to defend our nation, to defend our interests, to defend our allies. and it will be consistent with policy interest and legal framework said the department follows for other domains, including the law of armed conflict. which brings me to the second area of focus. policies and organization. responding to the cyber threat cough requires the right and organizations across government. for the last year, the
9:48 pm
department of defense has been working very closely with other agencies to understand where are the lines of responsibility when it comes to cyber defense. where do we draw those lines? and how those responsibilities to get executed? as part of that effort, the department is now finalizing the most comprehensive change to our rules of engagement in cyberspace in seven years. the new rules will make clear that the department has the responsibility not only to defend the dod networks, but to also be prepared to defend the nation and our national interests against an attack in or through cyberspace. these new rules make the department more agile and provide us with the ability to confront major threats quickly.
9:49 pm
to execute these responsibilities, we must have strong organizational structures in place. three years ago, the department took a major step forward by establishing the united states cyber command. under the leadership of general keith alexander, a four-star officer, who also serves as director the national security agency, cyber command has i believe iso what a world-class organization. it has the capacity to conduct a full range of missions in cyberspace and it is also working to develop a common real time understanding of the threats in cyberspace. the threat picture could be quickly shared with dod's geographic and functional combatant commanders with dhs, with fbi, and with other
9:50 pm
agencies in government. after all, we need to see an attack coming in order to defend against that attack. and we're looking at ways to strengthen cyber command as well. we must ensure that it has the resources, that it has the authority, that has the capabilities required to perform this growing mission. and it must also be able to react quickly to events unfolding in cyberspace and helpful integrate cyber into all of the department's plans and activities. finally, the third area is to build stronger partnerships. as i have made clear, securing a cyberspace is not the sole responsibility of the united states military or even the sole responsibility of the united states government. the private-sector, government,
9:51 pm
military, our allies all share the same global infrastructure and we all share the responsibility to protect it. therefore, we are deepening cooperation with our closest allies with the goal of sharing capabilities in determining malicious activities. the president, the vice president, secretary of state and i have made cyber a major topic of discussion in nearly all of our bilateral meetings with foreign counterparts. i recently met with our chinese military counterparts just a few weeks ago. as i mentioned earlier, china is rapidly growing its cyber capabilities. in my visit to beijing, by a
9:52 pm
underscored the need to increase communication and transparency with each other so that we could avoid a misunderstanding or a miscalculation in cyberspace. this is in the interest of the united states. it is also in the interest of china. ultimately, no one has a greater interest in cyber security than the businesses that depend on a safe, secure, and resilience global digital infrastructure. particularly those who operate the critical networks that we must help defend. to defend those networks more effectively, we must share information between the government and private-sector about threats in cyberspace. we made real progress in sharing information with the private sector. but very frankly, we need
9:53 pm
congress to act to ensure that this sharing is timely and comprehensive. companies should be able to share specific threat information with the government. without the prospect of lawsuits hanging over their heads. and a key principle must be to protect the fundamental liberties and privacy in cyberspace that we are all duty bound to uphold. information sharing alone is not sufficient. we have to work with the business community to develop baseline standards for our most critical private-sector infrastructure. our power plants, our water treatment facilities, our gas pipelines. this would help ensure that companies take proactive measures to secure themselves against sophisticated threats,
9:54 pm
but also take common-sense steps against basic threats. although awareness is growing, the reality is that too few companies have invested in even basic cyber security. the fact is that the fully -- to fully provide the necessary protection in our democracy, cyber security legislation must be passed by the congress. without it, we are and we will be vulnerable. congress must act and it must act now on a comprehensive bill such as the bipartisan cyber security act of 2012, co- sponsored by senators lieberman, collins, rockefeller and feinstein. [applause] this legislation has bipartisan support, but it has fallen victims to legislative and
9:55 pm
political gridlock like so much else in washington. that frankly is unacceptable. it is not just an acceptable to me, but to you and to anyone concerned with safeguarding our national security. while we wait for congress to act, the administration is looking to enhance cyber security measures under existing authorities by working with the private sector to promote best practices, increase information sharing. they are considering issuing an executive order as one option to try to deal with this situation. but very frankly, there is no substitute for comprehensive legislation and we need to move as far as we can in the meantime. we have no choice because the threat that we face, as i have said, is already here.
9:56 pm
congress has a responsibility to act and the president of united states has a constitutional responsibility to defend our country. i want to urge each of you to add your voice to those who support stronger cyber defenses for our country. in closing, let me say something that i know the people of new york, along with all americans, will appreciate. before september 11, 2001, the warning signs were there. we were not organized. we were not ready. and we suffered terribly. for that lack of attention. we cannot let that happen again. this is pre-9/11 moment.
9:57 pm
[applause] the attackers are plotting. our systems will never be impenetrable, just like your physical defenses are not perfect. but more can be done to improve them. we need congress and we need all of you to help in that effort. i want you to know the department of defense is doing our part. and tonight, i am asking you to do yours as citizens and as business leaders. helpless in of late. help us increase the nation's cyber security -- help us innovate. help us increase the nation's center security. help us remain head of the threats that we confront. by doing so, you will help ensure that cyberspace continues
9:58 pm
to bring prosperity to your company's and to people across the world. as played in important part in this debate by identifying the key seven security challenge or the business community and government must work together. i want to thank you for your leadership in this area and thank you again for your recognition of the efforts that we have made. but more broadly, let me thank you for your commitment to the dream that guides all this in this nation. i talked about my parents as immigrants and i used to ask my father why did he travel all of that distance. to come to a strange land, leaving the comfort of family. it was a poor area in italy, but why would you leave your comfort of family and trouble that this
9:59 pm
is too strange land? and my father said that the reason he did it is because he and my mother believed that they could give their children a better life. that is the american dream. that is what we want for our children. we have achieved that dream because we always have been able to defend our interests and our values. that must remain our most important mission on land, at sea, in the air, in space, and, yes, in cyberspace. this is not just the responsibility. it is a duty that we owe to our children and their children in the future. thank you very much. [applause]
10:00 pm
[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> tomorrow, we will talk about latest developments --coming up next, we will be bringing you a debate between mary bono mack facing democratic challenger raul ruiz. this is the only scheduled debate and will include a panel of three questioners, including two anchors and a political
10:01 pm
reporter. it is broadcast by kmir6. >> during this election, i will be acting as your moderator. on the panel is a political correspondent for "the desert sun and." -- sun." there will be asking tough questions tonight while i try to keep the candidates under control and our debate on time. the rules of the debate are simple. the candidates agree to answer questions and debate one another on issues related to domestic and foreign policy. the candidate and answering the question first will have two minutes to reply. the other candidate will have one minute to respond.
10:02 pm
candidates are not allowed to address each other with questions directly and there is no audience inside the studio tonight. the candidates are allowed to take notes. each candidate will have three minutes to make an opening statement. we will wrap things up by providing the candidates with another three minutes each for their closing statements. the candidates from the brand new 36 congressional districts are incumbent republican mary bono mack. she is serving her eighth term in the u.s. house of representatives. the congressman is the chair of the subcommittee on commerce, manufacturing and trade, as well as a member of the energy and commerce committee. her democratic challenger is dr. raul ruiz. this is his first campaign for
10:03 pm
public office. he grew up in the co-chair of valley, -- coachella valley. welcome to both of you. earlier, we have a coin toss to determine who we would hear from first. you have three minutes. >> thank you so much. thank you to all the voters. i grew up right here in the desert. the son of farmworkers. my first home was a trailer. my parents cannot afford to send me to college, so i put on my only suits. the one i were to church, it was itchy and two sizes too big. i went from business to business handing the store owners a contract and asking them to invest in their community by
10:04 pm
investing in my education. i promise to come back as a doctor. with their help, i went to ucla and then to harvard medical school, where i became the first latino to receive three graduate degrees from harvard. true to my promise, i came home as an e.r. doctor. i am living proof of the american dream. for too many people, the american dream is in danger because washington is broken. to many workers have lost their jobs. to many retirees have lost their savings. to many students cannot afford college. our congresswoman has lost touch with the people. instead of looking out for us, they're focused on partisan bickering, scoring political points, and looking out for themselves and their wealthy donors. congresswoman's response to our problems is more of the same. more bickering, or partisanship, and more looking out for herself
10:05 pm
instead of us. instead of listening to people and proposing real solutions, she relies on the same old worn out partisan playbook that does nothing to create jobs or help seniors on fixed incomes. watch tonight how many time she talks and says empty phrases. every time you hear them, remind yourself, this is the language of gridlock. congresswoman, you are not running against nancy pelosi and tonight, you are not in washington. you are here any coachella valley, where people know the name calling in plain politics and do not solve problems. mary bono mack was not always this way, but washington has changed her. she even voted to turn medicare into a voucher program. she voted nine times to raise her unpaid. there are a lot more examples.
10:06 pm
republicans, democrats, independentss, we're not each other's enemies. our enemies are the high unemployment rate, the skyrocketing cost of predict -- prescription drugs, and the high-school dropout rate. i am running for congress because i want to help revive the american dream for middle- class families and seniors. i look forward to talking about those issues tonight. >> thank you very much. >> tonight i really wanted to talk to all of you about the economy, health care and energy. real issues that affect real people. first, i must tell you what i recently learned about my opponent. information that he is clearly tried to hide and the local press has never investigated. everything i tell you is documented fact and it is awful. when the doctor was a student at
10:07 pm
harvard, he led protests against the celebration of thanksgiving. no joke. he led protests against thanksgiving day. because he opposes what thanksgiving stands for and would represent spread he even called for smashing plymouth rock, a symbol of america's freedom. he said "crushed this rock and all that represents. " what it represents, doctor, is the hopes and dreams of people fleeing from tyranny and seeking freedom. he should also know that abraham lincoln established thanksgiving to unite and hill are divided country during the civil war. the truly disturbing parts was to he was demonstrating with and what he was demonstrating for. during one of his protest, and he read a leer expressing support from a man convicted of viciously slaughtering to fbi agents in south dakota. he murdered them, the agents
10:08 pm
were wounded, defenseless and lying on the ground. one agent even lifted his hand to shield himself from the barrel of a benign. he stood over him, pulled the trigger and sent a bullet into this goal. this despicable crime was the work of a man the doctor not once released from prison. during and other protests come at a different cop killer had a statement read calling this giving an american holocaust. "the greatest single act of terrorism to date or not perpetrated by osama bin laden, but by the u.s. military when it dropped atomic bombs on the people of hiroshima and nagasaki." and other speaker -- you get the idea. these kinds of protests, you knew what they were. he participated and led them six years in a row.
10:09 pm
charging the police with brutality. he is past because he knew it would destroy his political future. the local press has to explain why they refuse to investigate and report on his background. i urge you to go on-line and looked at these facts for yourself. i am sure you will be as a poll done as outraged as i am. >> thank you for that. time now to get down to the questions and answers. >> in a recent television ads, and you vowed to voters that you will never vote to cut medicare or social security. not once, not twice, never. many experts have argued the existing programs are fiscally unsustainable. do you think you are being disingenuous to voters when you promise not to support any cost? how else do plan to save the two programs?
10:10 pm
>> congresswoman made some very strong accusations during her opening statement. what i want to say is congresswoman, my mother makes a wonderful thanksgiving turkey and i would love to invite you to our thanksgiving celebration this year. what is shameful, congresswoman, is that you are calling the anti-american force celebrating our native american heritage, for giving voice to our native american cultural roots and the first american so that their voice can be a part of our american story. an elder by the name of sam was going to be beaten. i shall begin with my body and i got beaten to and i got arrested. the city dropped all the charges and they paid $100,000 in scholarship funds for native american students.
10:11 pm
congresswoman, your father and my two uncles fought in wars so that we can have those freedoms to give voice. you mentioned the leonard, i am not a supporter. i do not support anybody who murders in the fbi agent. if they do, they should be convicted to the fullest extent of a lot. she mentions 9/11 attacks and hiroshima bombs, i did not make those comments. people are tired of guilt by association politics. are we to assume that just recently you took an award from an organization that minimizes domestic violence and believes in legitimate rape, where the actual president has said that the women and battered movement has outlived its time? >> i am going to stop you there. you did not answer the question.
10:12 pm
she wishes to move on with the questions. >> can we do both? >> dr., can you please answer the question? >> repeat the question. >> you've got to voters that you will never vote to cut medicare or social security. not once, not twice, never. many experts have argued the existing programs are physically unsustainable. do you think you're being disingenuous -- fiscally unsustainable. do you think you are being disingenuous to voters? >> over 50% of my patients in the emergency department use medicare. i know very well how important medicare is to them. medicare is america's promise to our seniors. if you work hard and pay your taxes, when you become a senior, you will be guaranteed medical
10:13 pm
coverage. the congresswoman has broken that promise, not once, but twice. she wants to turn medicare into of private voucher to pawn care- like system that would cause seniors $6,000 out of pocket the year. that is way too much for our seniors today. instead of tackling our health care costs under deficit, she wants to put the burden of those costs on the shoulders of our seniors. i am sure she will talk about obamacare and make the claim -- >> your time is up. >> first of all, you were there. you know exactly what you dead. it is written in multiples -- you knew exactly what you did. it is still today on the web
10:14 pm
sites. i'm your own web site, the data still exists about your antics. you cannot deny that you walked people to plymouth rock and said crushed this and all that stands for. i do believe you will an explanation to the american people. i do not quite understand the reporting, the police say you were belligerent. you then said, i was just protecting children from being pepper sprayed. who are you really? we do not know who you are. furthermore, 2002, when you were cochairing this event, we had troops in harm's way in afghanistan. he stood there, your organizational culture said, we stand with our brothers in iraq
10:15 pm
and afghanistan and he did not many american troops. if you would like to announce that, good for you. but the records shows you how a six-year history of these protests. medicare, you want to talk about front around interesting factoids. he is clearly taking is talking points -- his ads claiming exactly what he just sat on the stage was one of the biggest swappers of the year. -- whoppers of the year. medicare is going broke. one would think that you would recognize that we do have a promise to our seniors, anybody in medicare now, anybody 55 and older would remain in that system of medicare. this is not just about seniors. it is about the totality of our nation. it is about our children and our
10:16 pm
grandchildren. what you find a acceptable is that everything we do today, it is put on a credit card that future generations will have to pay for. i have the most beautiful grandbaby in the world. i think about my children and my grandchildren. >> thank you, a crack -- congresswomen. i would like to remind candidates. we ask the questions, let you guys answer them. he did not address each other. we will give you plenty of time to respond. we will move on to the next topic. >> i believe i have a bottle. -- rebuttal. >> you have 30 seconds. >> there was a full investigation and the charges were dropped. the statement said other people made, i did not make those statements. if you believe i made those statements, other people who make statements on your behalf,
10:17 pm
believing in the concept of legitimate rape, that is horrible. the way we will protect medicare is by tackling the real problem, which is health care cost. not turning it into a voucher system. allowing medicare to negotiate it drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. >> next question. >> congresswoman, in october 2009, the partnership unveiled a blueprint that determined the value need to diversify its economy. what role does the federal government had in creating those jobs? >> thank you, elisabeth. i would like to point out once
10:18 pm
the civic example of somebody who benefited from the work i did. a bipartisan bill that i signed into law and was signed by president obama. all my bills are bipartisan. if you go to -- i ask them about the bill i pass that improve the consumer product safety commission and the rules and regulations they have to live under. go to any of the growers out here in the desert. asked about the country of origin labeling bill. it's the american farmer had the opportunity to sit on their produce, grown in the u.s.a., a product of the u.s.a., people would buy their produce. i have had a congressional hearing promoting tourism. i had spotlight come testify
10:19 pm
before the congress to share his expert -- scott white come testify before the congress. i fight very hard for them, i always have. i have a very strong record of achievement on their behalf. >> congresswoman, i remember this commercial back in the 1980's were there was a little lady who said, where is the beef? where are the jobs? everything you listed is a failure to deliver on jobs right here at home. in fact, you have voted to give tax breaks to corporations who ship jobs overseas. for subsidies for big oil. you have taxed our job creators. under the right in plan, you voted to increase taxes for that middle-class. in order to create jobs right here in our district, we need to decrease taxes on her middle class and small businesses. -- decrease taxes on middle-
10:20 pm
class and small businesses. i worked with them and helping them develop their pipeline programs for our students in order to get jobs. those same students york -- you voted to cut their pell grants. >> folks, it is really sad to hear what he is sane. do me a favor, asking me -- ask them yourself. look at their fine products. did mary bono mack help save jobs? hear what they have to say. those speak to some of the growers. ask them, did country of origin labeling helped to save jobs? riverside medical center from day one. >> thank you so much.
10:21 pm
>> an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants are living in the united states. a recent study by uc-berkeley found 67% of californians feel the federal government should offer apac to citizenship. do you agree -- should offer a path to citizenship. do you agree? >> i am not for amnesty. i am for and earned path to citizenship. this is a clear example of how congress is broken and how the congressman has signed 14 years to lead and she has failed to deliver. she will talk about how important immigration is to this district. our economy depends on it. with our tourism, agriculture, and our construction. this is what we need a
10:22 pm
comprehensive immigration reform. we need to secure our borders with more agents and more technology. we need to make sure our economic industry that we thrive on with agriculture, construction, it can have the labor pool that they need. we need to create an errant path to citizenship that respects the laws. -- and earned a path to citizenship that respects the laws. one thing i would vote for would be the dream act. risking their lives for our country and for us and our freedoms. congresswoman mary bono mack has filled to lead in this example. she has voted against the dream act. >> congressman, you have one minute. >> i stance on immigration is the same as it was two years ago. it is a very logical stance on immigration.
10:23 pm
i believe we need strong interior enforcement mechanisms and i believe we need a non- amnesty program for people to use to be employed in the united states of america. let me say something about the dream the act. president obama, nancy pelosi, and harry reid have the perfect trifecta. they had the senate and the white house, two years to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and they did nothing. they did not have a single bipartisan meeting at the white house. i do not support president obama did what he likes to do, an executive order on the dream act. >> thank you. >> you are not running against nancy pelosi. this is precisely the language of gridlock that is evident as
10:24 pm
to why we have a do nothing congress. one of the things we have to do is to realize that the congresswoman has failed to lead. she talks a big game, but she has failed to deliver. her language, when she attacks and attacks is very partisan. >> the next question. >> in your last debate, you refused to disclose your personal fought on california's prop. 8, which bans same-sex marriage. now that it is being looked at by the federal court, it has become a federal constitutional issue that has national implications on the legality of same-sex marriages. don't you think residents
10:25 pm
deserve to know where you stand on the issue? >> thank you for the question. i do need to go back to one thing. it is critically important that people recognize a vote for the doctor is a vote for nancy pelosi. the very very rigid the very first he would take in congress to be his vote to confirm nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. very important people understand that. back to the question of same-sex marriage. i know you bring this up every time you can. i am -- it is clear where i am were -- or i am with my family. my transgendered stepson, we have a close london relationship. it is clear i have a big heart and i do not have a bigoted done in my body.
10:26 pm
you try to pigeonhole me and to take in a position on a state issue. it was not a federal issue up for me to decide. look at my history. i have twice voted against constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. that speaks for itself. my family is the modern family before there was even a modern family. don't ask, don't tell, i voted against the first one. it was a nancy pelosi of political vote. i supported the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. has there been a problem with the repeal of don't ask don't tell? i was so happy to hear them say, no, there has been no problem. >> thank you, congresswoman. >> she has gone washington and
10:27 pm
she thinks she is here with nancy pelosi. one of the things we really need to see, this is another of example of a failed leadership. she dodged the question. she must be really good at dodge ball. there are a thousand people in this district that this is very important issue for. i believe that marriage equality is the right. i believe in marriage equality because i am against any form of discrimination, whether gender, race, or the person that you love. anybody who loves each other, who wants to be a committed relationship, should have the right to marry. congresswoman, yes or no vote, you of thousands of residents who want to know if you believe in their right to marry. >> you must have me confused with a supreme court justice. i am not that.
10:28 pm
this decision is in the courts. it will make its way to the courts and debt and the supreme court of the united states. i have a very clear record on these things. i declare record on nondiscrimination and the work place. i have a very clear record with these issues. it is so sad that some like you always seeks to divide people rather than unite them. >> congresswoman thank you. >> security concerns in libya made it difficult for the united states to figure out exactly how the ambassador and other americans were killed. both you and your opponent denounced the attacks. what you've kept quiet on whether president obama has been taking the appropriate steps. but you think of the white house response? -- what do you think of the white house response? >> i firmly believe that america
10:29 pm
is the beacon of democracy and the leaders of the free world. i firmly believe that our priorities should be the security of america and americans around the globe and our friends in israel and all of our allies in the area. once this becomes an issue of -- once this becomes an issue where we start to focus on the terrorist acts around the world, we start to realize our troops need more than lip service. we need to make sure that we protect america and americans and we honor our troops. she's talked about how she supports our troops, if she has decrease to millions of dollars of help -- and mental health for them. she has cut the ability for families of soldiers who have died to stay in their homes. she is voted against the she is voted against the veterans


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